Interior Design

Most people associate interior design with living rooms and other places where people gather. The purpose of design is generally to create an attractive living space that is also ergonomic. While a room can be visually attractive, there is a difference between an interior designer and a decorator. The layout of a room should also be practical. A kitchen needs to prioritize practicality because it is a workspace, and shop design should be even more focused.

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What is a shop space? It could be a garage that has a desk for tools and presses. It could also be a larger area that is used by a small business for fabricating furniture or other products one at a time. at its extreme, a shop is a factory floor and involves many workers and high-speed machinery. For the sake of the private citizen, a shop is either a personal garage or the work area of a small business.

A kitchen is actually a great place to start exploring this concept. A kitchen is a shop because there is not much difference between a home kitchen and a restaurant kitchen except for scale. There are a lot of spaces for storing utensils and food. Storage areas are either below or above the counter because this maximizes space for the human while also providing adequate storage. A chef's kitchen might have hanging racks to more quickly access pans.

A shop for building goods on a small scale has a lot in common with a kitchen, in that there are a lot of racks and cabinets that safely store equipment and supplies while increasing access to the floor and work surfaces. A shop often has several work desks in corners upon which various tools and unfinished parts can be placed. Unused supplies are kept in cabinets similar to a kitchen, although a shop might be less neat and just use a lot of rough racking.

A shop is not a place of beauty but is purely a place of work. It might be possible to have extra windows and extras such as a themed clock, but ultimately the clock is there to help the worker keep track of time. A sitting area is away from the workspaces because it would get in the way of foot traffic. Shop design is generally practical. It can have some beauty, but work surfaces are expected to get beaten over time. Furniture tends to be rough as an acceptance of reality.